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music classes in chandigarh


Courses That We Offer:-

  • Classical Singing
  • Light Song
  • Harmonium Playing

Syllabus details


  • Classical Singing- Introduction to Alankars, basic of swara (seven notes of the Indian Musical Scale), Fundamental of Rangers, Music Theory-Basic Musical Concepts such as Nada, Shruti, Swar, Raga & tala etc.
  • Light Song- Shabad Kirtan (Sikh Devotional Songs), Bhajans, Folk Music & Bollywood Songs.
  • Harmonium Playing- Movement of Fingers, Basic Notes,Swars on the Harmonium, The Three Octaves are- Middle octave, Lower Octave and Upper or Higher Octave, Natural Exercise & Sharp Notes.
  • Class Timings:-
4PM to 5PM
5PM to 6PM