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music classes in chandigarh


Courses That We Offer:-

  • Basic Guitar Course
  • Advance Guitar Course
  • Professional Guitar Course

Syllabus Details

  • Basic Guitar Course   (Duration 3 Months Minimum)
    • Anatomy of guitar
    • Guitar tuning techniques, right method of holding the Guitar and the Plectrum
    • Basic theory on guitar
    • Different finger chromatic exercises
    • Basic Chord study
    • Playing Chords with Plucking and Strumming Patterns
    • Play melody based on chords
    • Playing a song
    • Different major and minor chords
    • More open chords
    • Beginner Guitar Rhythms
    • Basic major and minor scales & compositions based on those scales

  • Advance Guitar Course  (Duration 6 to 9 Months)
    • Major 7 and minor 7 chords
    • Bar chords study
    • Power chords study
    • The Major Pentatonic scale
    • The minor Pentatonic scale
    • The Augmented scale
    • The Diminished scale
    • The Arpeggio scale
    • Guitar genres and their differentiations
    • Understanding staff notations
    • Blues scale, chords and progressions
    • Blues sliding and picking exercises
    • Various blues rhythm riffs and playing blues solo
    • Some advance blues techniques
    • Playing popular blues songs and compositions
    • Country style chords, scales, keys and alternating bass
    • Country style chords transitions, strumming patterns and rhythm riffs
    • Country style sliding, bending and hammering
    • Playing country solo
    • Rock styles : Art, Blues, Country, Progressive, British, Southern & Rockabilly Rock styles
    • Playing popular rock songs and composition

  • Professional Guitar Course  (Duration 6 to 9 Months)
    • Improvising your skills to invent, compose or perform with less preparation
    • Adapting popular guitar legends’ styles
      • Ear Training session…
      • How to Perform on stage with all electric Guitar equipments
      • How to teach a student
      • How to record your playing in studio
      • How to read instantly staff notation
      • Preparation for foreign grade courses


  • Class Timings:-


11AM to 12PM
12PM to 1PM
1PM to 2PM
2PM to 3PM
3PM to 4PM
4PM to 5PM
5PM to 6PM
6PM to 7PM
7PM to 8PM

  • Daily
  • Alternate Days
  • Twice a Week
  • Once a Week
  • Weekend