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music classes in chandigarh


Courses That We Offer:-

  • Basic Keyboard Course
  • Advance Keyboard Course

Syllabus details

  • Basic Keyboard Course
    • Basic With theory
    • Lessons of finger practice for both hands
    • Pre-Staff Notation
    • Rhythm in music
    • Primary chord Practice
    • Scale and Chord Combination
    • Popular Tunes Playing

  • Advance Keyboard Course
    • Full Chord foundation with various position
    • Staff notation with various time signature
    • Full Chord foundation with both hand
    • Create bank
    • Patch
    • Effects etc..
    • Popular tunes playing with various effects and various styles on
      Electronics piano

  • Class Timings:-

11AM to 12PM
12PM to 1PM
1PM to 2PM
2PM to 3PM
3PM to 4PM
4PM to 5PM
5PM to 6PM
6PM to 7PM
7PM to 8PM

  • Daily
  • Alternate Days
  • Twice a Week
  • Once a Week
  • Weekend